Who am I?

My name is Tony Kaldas, I am a singer, performer and a curious human being. I would call myself one of the multi-potentialists, which obviously they are interested in doing different things in life.

I started singing when I was 16 years old, singing for me is something really big and deep inside me as I had the best chance to be raise from an Egyptian father and a Greek mother, listening to different music genres and languages which i would say it was an enriching experience for me.

My sub-conscious mind is full of Arabic, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek songs and classical music, which was translated through my voice later on.

I love singing and i love music. I invite you to listen to my music and let me know what do you feel… If you are interested what I did before… Please check me on Wikipedia or just hit ”Biography” below:


Egyptian singer Tony Kaldas and his Band are mostly known for covering rich Arabian repertoires of songs from Fairouz and Rahbani’s work, Sayed Darwish, Abd El Halim, Abdel Wahab, Asmahan, Dalida and many others in a diverse modern interpretation which merges Oriental music with various styles such as Latin, jazz, blues, pop and rock. By blending these modern influences with the old composition Tony Kaldas and his band create unique sounds, arrangement and a fresh live performance.